I must say, we as human beings really have our concedes heads up our asses if we believe for one second that everything these joker teachers and professors, textbooks and manuscripts teach us about history, our history as a species in particular. As I said in a previous blog there is a world wide and […]



The truth of the worlds devious silhouettes who slip into the shadows going unnoticed to the great people whom understand that hard work and honesty is the only true way our society should operate and take advantage of the weak or dim witted. These snakes feed on the very life sustaining blood that keeps our […]



This is my views and interpretation on how the universe and everything we know to be true works through my eyes as I see it and how it makes since to me. I am not afraid to question authority or ask why experts are so very extremely considered to be correct all the time and allowing them to push those who can’t afford an expensive fancy diploma from a prestigious school that their mommy and daddy probably paid for them on the down low to get in. Paid for grades and under the desk slight of the hand diplomas putting numbskulls into high class and important roles in society to teach and wave their false diplomas in our faces saying we are too dumb to k ow anything and we must listen to their hair brain ideas. Now I realize that not all professionals out there haven’t had everything handed to them with a silver soup spoon lodged and stuck up their ass and that there are many who are very knowledgeable and fundamentally capable of great things and allowing their genius shine. It is those people who always go down in the history books as they should for their accomplishments and those posers always get found out and spotlighted for all to see that they were trying to convince you that an anteater is actually a T-Rex as they wave their piece of paper that some school accepted a bribe in order for them to possess. It’s those schools that enable and impose great harm upon those that rely on actual intelligent degree holders for the better of our species and future. If these schools are accepting bribes and handing out degrees to the undeserving and under qualified letting them go on to be professors in universities teaching our future, our youth who are deserving of a proper and deserving education but do not get it because some poser sweeps the actual historical truths and new discoveries under the rug from fear that they will get got for being a poser because they can not understand these things or attempt to explain them intelligently. The reason they can not do this and can not compete with the actual intellectual entities of their fields. They are scared of being found to be the dumb ass of their fields so they hide, avoid their professional opinions on mystery findings, sweep things under the rug, deny future generations of being all they can be with proper education from a proven and actual qualified individual. There are so many fraudsters out there who amazingly get by in professional atmospheres and amongst their field profession peers unnoticed and this is a sad thing because of the fact that these scum buckets are depriving us of advancements and the very thing that makes our species great and that’s to consistently improve. These leaches I’m society sucking our life’s blood for fame or money through deception and holding us back in evolutionary and technological ways that are extremely significant in our longevity as a species. They may take a little here and a little there to be unnoticed and slip away with their fraudster misdeeds but that little here and there in the long run over time ass up to be very large and who k it’s what impact that may take in our very survival. The universe is a mysterious place and I like to just imagine so I hope you enjoy.