This is an update on the services and products in which are nearly ready for full viewing and purchasing operations.

Our merchandise is currently being developed with design and products with everything from bikinis to bed spreads, shower curtains to hoodies, throw pillows to chuck shoes, socks to onesies.

So far the designs showcased here now are limited edition first design ever releases that are fashionable and rare. Super cool designs for everyone.

The newest edition to the clothing and items list.
Limited edition dead man space cadet gear of your choice from dozens of different products listed below.

For its those who which ponder upon open tides and see amongst the blinding mist who descend from the deepest depths to wander amongst the dead and achieving pale grandness for eternity.

~Piers Grey~
  • Boxer shorts $45.55
  • Tank top $44.95
  • Children’s dress $65.94
  • Children’s t-shirt $40.77
  • Children’s sweat shirt $67.78
  • Children’s summer dress $77.58
  • Duet covers bedding $177.66
  • Bandana $44.44
  • High top HTB $105.95
  • High top HTW $105.95
  • Low top LTW $144.45
  • Low top LTB $144.45
  • Black T-shirts $49.95
  • White t-shirts $49.95
  • Full print t-shirts $75.77
  • Knee high socks $55.76
  • Crew socks $45.67
  • Sweat shirt $88.94
  • Woman’s dress $97.94
  • Leggings $89.94
  • Phone cases iPhone & galaxy $79.99
  • Zip up hoodies $103.94
  • Onesies $155.94
  • Fade mask muff $$47.99
  • Swim shorts $69.94
  • Yoga mats $127.66
  • Yoga pants $89.94
  • Woman’s crop top $55.95
  • Long woman’s shirt $72.94
  • Pillows cases $45.95
  • Baseball cap $45.49
  • Throw blanket $102.77
  • Throw couch pillows $89.99
  • Joggers pants $146.77
  • Hand bag $44.44
  • Bikini $98.89
  • Baby short leg onesies $42.96
  • Underwear $66.79
  • Shower curtain $126.76
  • Sweat pants $125.00
  • Beach towel $79.87
  • Curtains $115.65

All prices are firm this is how they come from the factory in Italy. The products are hand crafted and of designer quality guaranteed to last without fading or peeling for decades to come. Super soft and comfortable you’ll never want to take it off or so without your items. Made of cotton and quality materials these street duds and home decor will set you and tour family apart from all the other losers without. I already have several hundred orders so hurry up now so you don’t miss out on these limited time opportunity to own these designs as in January they all go away.

Time is of the essence pretend it is Black Friday.
Opportunities are dwindling. The ones that are of just design and on no item in the gallery are the ones that we are only selling 100 each of. Get it now.
It’s a design of astronomical and geometrical proportions from our artist who does personal unique to you art that tells stories in code.
Do not wait too long these are limited edition apparel pieces that is only here now until our brand made styles are unleaded rabidly upon society.
💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER
But our merchandise and be entered in for a chance at big dollar cash and prizes.
One of three pages of products all designs are available for.
Two of three
Three of three
Strawberry dress for the ladies wanting to support MBM
Example of the symphony of a cosmic rock dance where they gracefully but dangerously at high velocity speeds dance the universal orchestra of classical and infinite glory.

If you are interested in one of our products please message us anytime and get a quote until the catalog is fully complete with all information.

Designs that will not fade or cloth thinning. Made of high quality cotton and designer expertise creates a pretty price but for quality that will look the same in twenty years at the day you receive it is a quality of outstanding craftsmanship and expert care.


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