Id too are interested in contacting our page here at MBM you are urged and ask to do so at any time and for any reason or concern.

We would love to hear from you negatively or positively.

We are a blog with actual products online business that is not in it for the money but for the people who will be apart of and support MBM.

We will indeed make money to fund the operations of the site but other than that I am only a writer who wants to supply great creative writing, find college, and gain notoriety for my books.

Also, to find the publishing of my books and marketing of them along with the printing of t-shirts and other cool gear with awesome designs everyone will want to have in their wardrobe plus items of other nature is also the purpose the revenue will have for all to enjoy and available soon.

Other than that I want to only receive money from the site to then in turn give it back to my supporters who makes this what it is.

If not for you MBM wouldn’t be possible and as a repayment for this cash prizes and other give away will be a consistent presence here at MBM and giving back to my supporters is what it’s all about.

Jude Richard at Make Bold Moves

3377840159 or 3377844328

PO Box 142

Morse, La 70559 or

1052 s Jackson ave

Morse, La 70559

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