Shit muh pukka there ain’t no telling what you scared to hang out with a felon probably chillin dwellin shit yo we go interstellar you might want to fetch your umbrella don’t tempt me I can go from nice to demonic fella I’m not hard to get along with I’m an easy going fella it’s all good I’ll be yo sella we gonna clickity clack rack back up and stack while catching flack caught in the act act to react cock back and retract it’ll never crack a matter of a fact there’s nothing in which we lack put it up on the rack my AR goes brat braaat braaaat we up and spray not spray and pray make your world turn cold and gray all while all up in the fray dint care what anyone say ashes to ashes dust to dust we return back to clay in which we once were before know what’s on store hear me roar then you’ll know what it all for everything is all so much a bore sit back relax ease away into sweet nothingness return to where which you once were.

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