🎼 And it’s been awhile..🎼


And so, it has been awhile as Mr. Piers Grey has been feverishly working towards the release of his first paperback and hard cover books and available for pre-order status. This is a huge monumental task to undertake as such has Mr. Grey has to putting his three-ring circus mind and life onto reading format, or pencil to paper, as they say. Universe Consumption is written by Piers Grey and the first of dozens more here in the very short near future. Auto-biography, series, novels, short-stories, etc. etc blog, creative writing, poetry, children’s books and illustrations, cool-books of authentic home style cooking passed down and perfected over centuries of women and men, here in. The south most cooks are men. Cajun creole home style or the standing ovation meals that you’d have at grandmas and grandpas on Sunday after mass. He had also partnered with a surprisingly awesome but unlikely adversary, perhaps potential once again once removed rivalry. His identity is going to make world headline news and the straight forward and brutally honest due call it like they see it and if you don’t see it like they call it than you are only standing in the way of the goal and must me removed at all cost. Directly following laying down the facts in our tracks and drawing a line in the dirt, may I introduce Jude Richard!

Hello! Who are you? Do you know who you are?

I am calling into action a battle, a new battle for the ages and battle of wits, knowledge and wisdom. Youthful ignorances learn from their mistakes and learn it only to then move in to the next and keep rolling them over bigger and bigger. I need you! I need help staying doing what I can, when and where I can for as long as I can and as a disabled veteran but now author and college student at American Intercontinental University for business administration majoring in entrepreneurship. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA and Harvard Business online noticed my stats at AIU and invited me into their 2021 fall courses coming up soon. I am definitely looking forward to that, indeed. I see it as my opportunity as a Navy veteran and whom worked a hard labor career of, you don’t want to know all what of. Struggling with my multiple disorders and trying to reinstate my VA benefits, with of which is of uncertainty, on Social Security Disability Insurance and surviving under the average national poverty level. In debt and hurricanes ridden, own nothing and live in a rural area with next to zero prospects plus without a vehicle. Without a vehicle your reliant on others and/or your bicycle, kick rocks even. Back in the day I had my skateboard or BMX most likely or, lol, my He-Man big wheel. Man ole man did I tear some ass with that big wheel. I rode, peeled out, go full speed then hit full back peddle dead stop. I remember my parents got rid of it because the wheels were worn through and through from pavement friction, one I remember a piece of the wheels plastic fly off. Anyone whom knows me knows that I am one whom promote and encourages ensuring your voice is heard, in fact demand it. Your opinion is just as valuable as the next guys in all retrospect. Everyone should have that undeniable fact and feeling in their hearts to that they are necessary as a valid conscious undeniable birth right, freedom. knowing yourself as an individual and your own self reflection often mirrors or mimics itself into dictating the outcome. These trends or paths could and are comprised and specifically redirected to predetermine the outcome in your favor. I insist on our students and distinguished teachers to always speak when you have a better idea or when you’re solution is most efficient in comparison to that of your peers. If you know the know and walk the walk then I suggest you talk the talk, be sure to always be able to show me better than telling me. I want to know here and now! I want you to please leave your honest snd official predictions or theories, comments or suggestions, questions!? Please never hesitate to contact us we will respond in a timely manner. The biggest question we here at Space Age Rage, Shattered Glass and more, and away above and beyond! What is your personal thoughts on extraterrestrial life, have we communicated with any, all conspiracy theories and/or man made natural disasters that litter the planet posing eminent threat to Mother Earth herself. Governments and secret societies, ancient ancestor and technologies of mysterious origins and capabilities as to what we thought we knew as a species with amnesia. What are your thoughts or expertise on any given topic or others in which need to be brought to our attention effective immediately. Leave you detailed responses and you’ll automatically be entered into a 100$ give away on April 1st, 2021.

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