This is an opportunity for those of you whom love astronomical signs and meaningful insight into their own lives in relation to the universe.

We all have our astronomical signs and personality that is dictated from it. It explains everyone and is fundamentally accurate.

Everyone in accordance to their birthday, favorite color, likes and dislikes, and many other factors have different and separate traits to their very DNA pattern blueprint that makes them who they are. No ever is their one person with the exact same pattern of that of another, everyone’s is different.

We are all different and no one is the exact same like we all have different fingerprints and all have different eye structures that can distinguish anyone from the population on earth. So is our design with this artist, very cool stuff.

Through a series of questions in which a contributing member of MBM with a degree in astronomy and human anatomy with accesses to an in depth in site to the human psyche and behavioral trait tendencies will serve those interested. After the 100 questions on the list, which was developed over the course of his/her career to develop, with detailed accuracy, a look into your very fabric that makes you who you are, is truthfully answered and ready for analysis along with a video of yourself explaining who you are and why you are who you are, what you do and why, and a few other aspects of your personality is carefully mapped out in accordance to your astronomical features dictated by nature itself, a highly designed map of geometrical patters that are formed into one is drawn up.

This artist is educated and an expert in the field and the piece you get will be of high quality and of great significance explaining your whole existence even a statement to prove to you it’s real that no one knows. It truly is shocking and not an opportunity you want to miss out on.

As an artist with a background in tattoo design this person, who remains highly secretive by nature, will draw you an extremely unique to you and like no other geometrical design piece of body art that is gridlocked with a highly advanced coded and detailed description and explanation of you in a form of cryptology.

Now, keep in mind that all the designs here are free handed, without precision drawn on grid paper with measurements and plugins that unlock the 250
on average written description of you. These are all unfinished and not perfectly drawn like the ones you receive as a finish product. These are ruff draft ideas of the kind of art that is done and often all are colorful and geometrically perfect like a blueprint map of your complete person body and soul.

Cryptology is a form of coded language often used and developed by those whom want to transfer messages without anyone knowing what it says. It is usually developed from a series of different ancient and/or modern alphabetical, symbols, numerical, shapes and/or symbols composed into a specific pattern and one must possess the specific sequence to crack the coded message it was developed to contain in secret. This is commonly used in the military and they have experts who are highly smart and trained to crack these codes in their effort to counteract for the upper hand against the enemy. D Ed XS D.C.

The code sequence highly and precisely developed to only revel one message and also elude one to attempt it with false trails and unforeseen deceptive trails that lead them unknowingly down the wrong path until it’s too late to go back so that starting over is the only way. Truly genius and exceptionally near impossible to decipher the artist challenges one and all to do so offering great notoriety for anyone to do so. The artist is so confident that it will go unbroken that a high cash reward amongst other great attributes will be personally paid in full upon the challenge requirements being officially proven correct.
It truly is a real and very elusive secret code that even the military wishes they had or could crack.

This gridlock of geometrical descriptions is an actual highly developed form of mathematical communication that if ever deciphered would tell a lifetime story of a persons personality, likes and dislikes, family blood line, ancestry record and much more. Only thing the artist insists that cracking the code that they developed over the course of a lifetime being extremely fascinated in cryptology and art, geometry, physics, architecture, astrology, and astronomy is near impossible but insists is completely possible with the code cracking sequence and blueprints to how to do this. It’s all mathematical and with a little knowledge about the astronomical nature in which all things are governed also the pattern would be obvious.

Well rounded and educated artist and astronomer

The challenge is that all who purchase their very own will receive their piece within six months time because many already want theirs done and expect a high volume of customers with this offer and who ever can crack the code and tell us what the secret message, decides all the provided information from the customer, says will receive their money back from the piece and cost of tattoo plus a cash reward of large numbers.

Great busy art that secretly tells your life and family heritage story
Self personalized unique to you coding with a lifetime of study, education, and trial and error experience that mathematically tells your story.

Also, notoriety of their success in beating what is considered one of the most difficult codes ever known and this isn’t by far any joke.

This is real and very seriously a legitimate opportunity of self expression of extremely limited opportunity of getting such a great thing.

No two are guaranteed to be exactly alike and all guaranteed to definitely tell your story. The secret message that will be chosen for each design will be different and that of shocking accuracy pertaining to the customers life that tells them something about themselves that was never made known to the artist and possibly never to anyone in general so if you have any secrets only you know about and never told to anyone then chances are that may be it and it could be shocking.

One done for a family member of the artist but unfinished here and way more detailed aspects was eventually added including color and symbolic enchantments representing her spiritual inner being. If you see nuclear symbology intermixed within it the then your correct and the artist reviled that her personality was explosive in many ways so..yeah!

Upon this persons death the manuscripts and all the paperwork on how to crack the code will be publicly released and eventually everyone will know what theirs says and if by chance someone dies get it before that time it’ll be released then. The only thing is that it is pretty much promised by the artist to be nearly impossible to crack the entire code to a whole piece and that’s the challenge, to turn the geometrical and mathematical universal code into a written description of the owner without leaving anything out and it must be in original format like the text written by the artist that all will be archived. The code also if cracked will transform word form that will mirror the original text.

Another one for a friend of the artist which said was really difficult and way more detailed in the finish product because of their complex and busy life plus was 97 years old and lived through many wars and historical difficult times.

It takes ruffle one month to do just one and consists of much work so this will be on a first come first serve basis opening up for requests upon this blog release so please hurry as to only 500 will be accepted to begin with so don’t miss out on owning your very own unique and super rare piece of art that you could spend a lifetime trying to understand.

The revelation of a person this one belongs too was that of celebrity status in which has an indie sci-fi movie career that is really getting noticed now days.

Guaranteed authentic with many years of development and truly one of its kind art style. These pictures are of some examples including my own that I’ll showcase in the introductory image to this blog piece. Now, you must realize that I will show my finished work from the artist but only in the freehand style on white paper with no numerical attributes and for many reasons not any complete finished product with the distinguished pattern measurements will be shown here with the respect and promise to customers who do not consent on showcasing there’s because once reviled on how to interpret them anyone will be able to read them.

No actual pieces of art with the actual grid paper and numerical order of measurements will be reviewed out of respect to the customers for security reasoning.

I like to think my hidden message is that I’m an awesome, intelligent, handsome, and a genetically advanced like a superhero’s but in no way shape or form do I know that’s true, heheh!

Not a chance lmao

These on here today are some either complete without the geometrical accuracy that is part of the code solving process, sample, in process and/or all and in between. We wanted to show your the work that goes into it, the actual talent and artistic nature, the mathematical sense of precise code for encrypting the message, and over all years of development this must have been to create his/hers very own code from scratch.

The grid paper is numbered from 1-23 back down from 23-13 for a total of 33 vertical lines from top to bottom then 27-13 back up from 13-23 horizontally totaling 24. According to the position of all features and points of the sketch determines an overall story of your life with a few other aspects in consideration contributing to the story such as shapes and colors. The details and the complexity of this process takes up to a month after the initial overall look at the details in your questionnaire and video to see what personality and body language you present. This is why the price isn’t all that cheap but it really isn’t too bad either for the significance it holds to each person personally.

Some back in mid-evil times would code their life’s work if it contained controversial topics for the times in fear of being labeled heretic and sentenced to death by stoning or worse.

This was a crime usually going against the church’s values and or challenging the normal. Many did so for the reason that they knew their work was groundbreaking and shunned to cover up things that might have civilization turn against religion and religion is a money maker.

They wanted to pass it down to future generations and in many instances we are lucky they were brave enough to put their lives at stake for us because many times they were the reason for breakthroughs in their field and humanity benefits from it. So, these works you see here are all not exactly what you’ll get because your analysis will dictate that from the actual real information that will be coded onto mathematical grid paper and each grid line will be numbered in the code sequence in which is one of many code plug ins for the equation.

Every line and every shape also says something and is part of the in average 250 word writing and description of you and your life. You’ll know most in the piece as it comes from the questionnaire but how it all fold out into the actual design will not be in your knowledge or anyone’s in fact. It’s the shocking or interesting unique fact that is your secret message and ultimate piece to figure out in order to finish it that is what will convince you that this is in fact very much real and is a personal connection with the universe for you and usually revels something that you have been struggling with in life to help you solve and come to terms with in life.

The work is also usually alway color coded with favorites, colors of your personalities because it’s said every one has many, moods, if your a colorful fashion lover and more. Mine shoes nothing like this it’s black and white and makes since because I always loved these shades and my drawings in life were often in black and white beck I even love black and white movies and it always makes me happy to African American and Caucasian people getting along and having fun because let’s face it y’all racism and all the horrible stigma and violence that comes out of it only causes problems in society and prevents our species from advancing into a more harmonic species and obliterating any kind of violence towards ourselves is uncalled for and only dim witted societies or specie’s are involved in this sort of acts.

This one is a part of one that inspired by the global geographical geometrical grid that all ancient and mysterious ruins are supposedly calculated to be perfectly mathematically sound with the stars and is theorized to be an ancient civilizations technological advanced worldwide power grid to power unknown entities. This is actually my best blog post in which I am working on now that will go into detail about so much information dealing in this concept. This one was further detailed and completely overhauled and done for a science teacher fascinated in ancient power plant structures and possible technologies behind all the earths ruins that are unexplained to this day. This is however another example of the type of sketches the arrest does and this one because the science teacher like this one must be organized and on point to properly operate successfully.

All lives matter, all colors matter because ultimately we all have the same sequence of DNA and of the same inner working. None is better or different but when it comes to those who do murder, rape, steal, and cheat and are only a parasite on humanities advancement are the ones that should be made examples of. Don’t let a murderer caught red handed sit on death row living on society’s hard earned tax paying dollars eating free food, working out, killing and victimizing other inmates, getting an education, free medical, living lazily with tv and store with money they scam from those on the outside and getting court appointed services free to keep appealing their case on technical bull crap that don’t hide the face they were caught red handed but saying they innocent. Shit, you get caught doing this or commit the same crime twice than you should be exterminated from society and not allowed to breath the air you denied the victim.

Caught red handed in the act of murder or repeat offender of the same crime then you should be put down so society isn’t victimized by you anymore.

Anyway, that’s for another blog post where I go into my Human Advancement Senerio with detail about the things society need to fix when it comes to law and justice.

Now all you must do is finalize your very own and you’ll get the full geometrical and mathematical design hand drawn and signed by the artist, oh and has a messy artist but unique and impossible to forge, for your tattoo artist to put onto the paper used to transfer your exact design for ink to be laid down. Or if tattoos are not your taste in fashion expression and still want one to try deciphering that’s cool too. We ask that once your ink is placed into your skin that you upload your masterpiece here at MBM for us to showcase and do a blog post on and once we receive the word that all are complete and receive all those wanting to be showcased, a contest to see who has the best work and artist will take place by having the public vote and the winner will have their full process also paid for art and tattoo plus a cash prize. This will be a cool event and you want to be involved so mint hesitant and reserve your place right now to insure to be a part of this event. Plus only 500 in the world will be done plus the 50 already done and we doubt there will be further chances to have this in your life.

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