๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธYOUR SUPPORT & LOYALTY 2 & 4 MBM LANDS U $$$ PRIZES JOB POTENTIAL NOTORIETY EXPOSURE & MUCH MORE. ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ

Would you like to be a part of something with something of potentially mega-proportions that could possibly change the lives of not only yourself but your family snd friends.

To become apart of a rare opportunity to be one of a select number of potentially lucky people to be an original and plank owner with royalties and more to come along with it.

I decided that if you have done any of these things here then you will be entered in a drawing live here on the site for a chance to win plank ownership of the MBM website with royalties and benefits meaning part ownership and if or when sever sold you get a percentage. Plus other ownership benefits that trust me you wonโ€™t want to miss out in. The qualifying people are those who like, share, actively and avidly interact and contribute, referrals will have other perks as well, donate, or follow the MBM website. The drawing will be on January, 31 2022, one year after the official decision to upgrade MBM subscription and worth it for this and if shows potential on January, 31 2021. This is a big opportunity to potentially have partial ownership of a business with all the perks plus all legally and contracted so there is no funny business.

Want to potentially make some easy money with a rare side hustle ?

I am wanting to officially say thanks to everyone who has visited and liked what I started only a few short days ago here on WordPress.

Welcome aboard partner

This is a post in appreciation to you and the public, especially the ones who havenโ€™t crossed paths with my site here yet and will be the ones comprising my following masses community.

Wanna join a team to accomplish goals and have fun doing great things

If and when you become an avid reader, fan, follower or whatever the case may be I appreciate your contribution to inspire myself to create and be active in growth in life.

This is a team contribution and partnership with great implications and expectations in changing all that we know of in honesty and reliability

Even if it isnโ€™t your cup of tea and still visit but decided not to come back for more I still appreciate your interest and giving it a shot. For all who decide to be active and support my blog here and writing hobby in which I ultimately do for the world to enjoy I want to say that you will always be a part of the family here at MBM.

Thank you for your support and follow ship

Youโ€™ll always have say so and freedom to speak your mind, contribute, and perhaps be a contributor.

You have a voice and itโ€™s respected and appreciated

I started this to poke around at the idea of the whole blogging idea and am in the process still of considering whether or not to proceed to the subscription part of the WordPress journey to further the things that could be done with one of their sites.

Is MBM worth is, am I worth it, is it worth the time and effort, will they come and join me?

If I receive support and is liked to the point that it would be considered disrespectful or ethnically unlawful to take it all away from all of you then subscribing will be my next move. In doing this will open so many doors for the opportunity to gain access to features that would take it all to the next level in ways that canโ€™t be done with a free account.

This site is my gift to you and all I want in return is support, thank you very much

This one is an experiment to see if Iโ€™d gain the respect and gain your loyal interaction and see if the expansion is worth it or not and I gotta say that your interaction with the site despite not marketing it in all the ways possible has been surprising to me and blew my expectations out the water.

Experimenting with hopes of your respect enough for your following and interaction

Having so many of your paying visits and reading more than just one shows that the potential is there and my best work has not even closely been forth. Imagine if I really applied all my time and effort showing all my cards with confidence. I do this because to see with little effort in putting forth and still receive great statistics like I have been having shows exactly what would happen once I show all my teeth and reveal the best of the best of my work. It also shows the ones that really respect me enough to have faith in me and my abilities who are truly happy for me, want to see me succeed, and support my efforts no matter what.

The gears are still being constructed but once I kick them into full operation this thing of ours will have its own personality therefore spiraling out of control into success

That is the kind of people who really are wanted here and will reap the awesome benefits that will be taking place here because there are many ideas I will be implementing into this site.

Earn your position among the MBM ranks by showing your presence and being noticed and benefits could be yours for your support

What I am talking about is for example everyone who follows, likes, interacts, comments, especially shares, and have done anything that I can see as positive for the site and growth of it in general will have an opportunity to win prizes. This will be a big part of MBM and having writing contest for publication and prizes, leading interactions, too list makers of important information, activities, mystery solving, heated debates, interviews, interesting little known facts essays, art contests, contests to find top unpublished writers and getting them published with contacts in our possession, and so much more.

If you play an awesome game of loyalty to MBM and prove your worth you could be the winner of so many activities and contests that will give anyone chances to have great odds

Cash giveaways for interesting and fun activities will be a huge part of this site because honestly Iโ€™m not doing this for money Iโ€™m doing this out of interest in my hobbies and writing is one.

All the proceeds and benefits that MBM pulls in will be shared to and with the people who bring it to life

I want to do all the things available that will make money from and through your interaction with us and then give it back to you through your being a loyal fan and contributor, follower and family member of MBM.

MBM is a family unit where all the members must contribute in order for its functionality to prosper and for everything to go smoothly.

I decided that my decision to make or break MBM here at WordPress will be made at the beginning of 2021 on January 31 and already as it is being seen and interacted with so I foresee, with the fact that it continues and worth the time and effort which I think it will, looks as if the decision will be positive all the way.

The decision on January 2021 will be based of statistics from interactions from you and the implementations could be devastating to many

Iโ€™m considering a subscription of the lowest payment soon in order to have an official .com address and a few other interesting features in order to get a full view and feel to if a larger subscription will be officially beneficial. The first contest and chance to win will be for all of you who follow and share, before January 31st and date of the fate of MBM the site, and perhaps spread the word in any way possible will be entered into a prize pull for a cash prize and more of substantial value. Plus for all who do will receive a MBM official and original t-shirt that will have awesome eye appeal and a design that would make your wardrobes top wear list.

Make bold moves and receive great things and I need you t MBM now and be rewarded otherwise rewards will cease to exist and that would be a shame.

With writing contests as well, and all the details and rewards arenโ€™t fully developed but will be prestigious, will earn some of you to be an official monthly or weekly contributor exposing your talents on the site for all to see and potentially earning admin status trust to become a paid per contribution of writing and post on the payroll.

Your opportunity to show your talents here at MBM will be of great importance to us and your exposure to the world may get you noticed

I wish to share this site with all who love it enough to partake and support it and all the profits with it. It will never be considered as my site because it will belong to you and itโ€™s important to me for this to be successful so I can be proud to have started something to share with everyone to enjoy. It would crush me not to be able to say that, hey you know that site MBM to people and when they say, yeah love that site itโ€™s awesome or I contribute to it that I was the original creator and founding member. I love the idea of that.

Please share the heck out of MBM and letโ€™s get the word out so we might build something great and we all may reap rewards

It would be an honor and a dream come true for me to be a creator of financial support to those deserving and perhaps create a career for some of those as well. To supply my peers with income and support through something I started and have worked hard on doing research and through trials and error by testing and creating sites on near every platform known to distinguish the bad from the good or the honest from the dishonest, scams from the scams. And believe me for nearly three years that is nearly all I have done in my great amounts of free time and the decision to do something like this is what kept all that work moving forward even when I was certain that that task was impossible and that the whole concept was just promises from gurus and scam artist hackers trying to infiltrate your system networks, steal your information, or for whatever purpose there is on their addenda.

It was a lot of hard work and effort to be able to say the best of the best of everything needed to be a successful website builder and operator so donโ€™t let me down and join, follow, share, comment, spread the word and take part to succeed along side us

I can tell you however that the whole time I kept landing at one host that is potentially the best yet and thatโ€™s WordPress. Their integrations, safety reputation as top of the line and with impenetrable software you can trust, so many reputable reviews from top flight companies and prestigious personalities, years of dedication to customers, technical service that is professional and friendly for anyone and outright reputation for being the best of the best are just technologically advanced in comparison to any other platform out there.

WordPress sites like this one is top flight with no worries but only if your good enough to be acknowledged and I hope for us to be

This is a great opportunity to benefit from my hard work and long hours learning all these systems and the ways that the net works to earn a career here at MBM, get noticed, help grow a business as an original founding member, display your writing and artist abilities or just learn, appreciate and be a member of the family showing support.

Our growth is all MBM asks for and I ask for your help and you could be one to join and grow from within

Everyone who supports us will reap the benefits that will come along from the growth of MBM even the readers who like or become noticed because all who do will have the opportunity to win cash and other prizes monthly and yearly in drawings and many other ways. This is an opportunity for those who what to make something from nothing and be a plank owner, if you will, therefore having the status of an original owner and beneficiary when or if ever sold plus opportunities to be part of any other projects or sites to emerge from MBM.

Here this is for you because you were proactive and shared our site, entered into the drawing, and your name pulled, so now what will your buy!?

I have a friend who is a lawyer who has donated his expertise in business law and ownership, partnership and more to legalize all deals and personnel to be with paperwork contracts of any agreements or practices made through MBM so this opportunity that I am mentioning here isnโ€™t some load of bull snot and all things promised and said will be honored legally and lawfully. All procedures for anything and everything will be on an official business rules, laws, and regulations manuscript and contract for all job opportunities or whatever the case will be.

Please sign here, here is your royalties, and welcome aboard the MBM family

The whole organization will have trademarks, logos, insurance, legal representation, and all that is necessary to prove anything of ownership or contracted obligations. This is a legal, honest, no scam work, no false or bad intentions kind of thing that I am attempting to put together here. Also everything financially implemented into this embarkment for something great will be professionally and legally taken care of so that all things financial will be documented and available to anyone at anytime especially the IRS and powers that be.

You ready to do nothing except fun to get paid because your lucky to have this opportunity

Fund raising is also being considered for the foundation building process smoothness and having no worries of failing. So, my friends and family of MBM, do I have your support and your loyalty for what it takes to be something great. Because ultimately without you there will be no possibility of MBM being in existence. All I ask for from you is your support to follow and like, share and support.

If it was not for all of you we would not be so thank you and therefore you should and will be compensated if you contribute sometimes even just a little

I expect nothing else from you to be a family member if all the other stuff isnโ€™t what you want to do. I guarantee you if you do however that your loyalty will never go unnoticed.

Just want your support thatโ€™s all and if you give that we give back

I have already been proposing and making contact with great people with prestigious and famous acknowledgments and presented them with proposals in many forms like help through mentions or becoming members, donations or charity appearances, having signature rallies or gathering. I have to admit I been receiving positive reactions into the MBM ideas and officially have 2 celebrities, one political figure, and 1 other famous and well known millionaire who will be working with MBM if we as a team, team Make Bold Moves, can really get this off the ground. Also three media entities want to interview MBM and I said once itโ€™s official and have a few members on the MBM team then it will be time to take that step and one is actually MSNBC, the other is CNN, and the other is unofficial but show interest so Iโ€™ll leave that for a surprise.

If we make it and become successful through your awesome help then we also will give back to our communities and deserving organizations

I also have a potential contract deal with a well known vehicle dealer locally who is interested in representing and being apart of a vehicle give away, and it is a $20,000-$40,000 brand of sport utility, on MBM year two or the make or break time frame statistically fact oriented national report for all business to succeed or fail and donโ€™t pass that mark. This is if MBM is successful enough to actually afford such a thing because it consists of only having to pay for it at wholesale price for the cause in exchange for their exposure to the fans on the site.

Congratulations you just won a new car from MBM just for being awesome and helping out goal to be successful

Referral rewards will be another big potential prize winner for everyone with certain numbers referred marks receiving larger and larger cash and other prize values. Also all donations at the needed beginning to launch a successful operation large or small will receive many prizes, accommodations, mentions, exposure, notoriety and more plus once we hit a certain financial threshold where its self sustainable will receive all of their contribution paid back for on full in appreciation with a life long partnership with us to help each other grow.

Show yourself and become famous

My number one and most exciting thing in my opinion that will be of number one priority is charity of many causes and consideration to any charities who inquire in helping in any way. The ones I have in mind as of now are ones I hold dear to my hear is #1 St. Judeโ€™s hospital because children with cancer is absolutely heartbreaking, #2 pit bull rescue and rehabilitation, educating people and adoption, is essential to me because I own the breed and have for years I know itโ€™s how they raised and not the breed, #3 is for veterans who are homeless and hungry because they are discarded and unappreciated too often in society and that is unacceptable, #4 is for the stigma and disgusting acts behind against abortion laws because I donโ€™t care who you are abortion is unlawful and it is murder and no one has the right to decide to snuff out a heartbeat, and #5 is for the starving and dyeing children of earth because no child should be hungry when there are people with enough money to feed the them all and still have money to finance their family for generations out there. These are a few of the top ones but believe me all will be in consideration and the top five will receive 10% of the sites revenue annually every year split between them plus events to add on to this and fund others as well.

Hungry children are a priority for us to give back and help end world hunger

So I officially want to ask or better yet beg you to support this website and be a member of MBM. This is something that youโ€™ll never regret and we would appreciate you always. May peace and prosperity follow you and your family always.

We beg you to give us your loyalty and support and we promise to give back more

~Jude Richard~ AKA Piers Grey~

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