💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵Ultimate & smart top 32 work online jobs that’ll get yo booty paid while sipping kool-aid in the shade while watching a parade as a trade!Everywhere I used to look when I was looking for online works was always the same ole content on site after site or search after search. There was never anything different or interesting that didn’t scream scam spam ram bam thank you man gurus. It was always paid surveys and I hated those because they tell you your paid this crazy number an hour or whatever then you gotta take a mini survey before every survey to determine if your a fit for the survey and most the time I wasn’t or even worse, I was and I start to get almost 100% finished then it shuts down and says sorry but you weren’t a good fit for this survey so invested time using a lot of time waisted. Or another was crate an app and I have no idea how to code or any of that stuff so that was an instant pass. Sell photos but the ones I would try I would sell nothing at all or develop a website with these templates but you gotta pay them for traffic and all kinds of stuff and mostly got to buy a years worth plan at a fixed price per month often adding up to hundreds of dollars which I didn’t have and the reason why I was flipping looking for a job to begin with. It it was not one thing it was another with everything I found and always led to absolutely nothing. I began doing some really heave research not only online but newspapers, local post boards, social media and everywhere I could. I decided to write a top 50 and of only the actual good ones, free ones, or interesting less known about ones. I was and determined to provide you guys with an interesting list that will possibly actually do people some good instead of hours of searching to come up empty handed. So let’s jump right on in here and tell me what you think okay? 💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴

1) Become an online coach: As an online coach you’ll provide guidance and council or mentoring on a range of subjects such as entrepreneurship, health, careers, or anything you are knowledgeable about potentially and is done through interactive mediums like Google hangouts, gotometting, or Skype. It’s very popular and fits a busy schedule holder. You save on commute and expenses of travel and the clients could seek advice from anywhere and in the go, many in real time crisis.

2) Produce and sell your music via the web:

Create or do a pay session at a studio recording tracks. Then any music distribution site you’ll upload them to generate passive income. You will find the popular ones to be your go to like Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, or SoundCloud. To grow your music business into a profit seeking venture you’ll need to create a site. This may be slow going but the advance of collecting your fan’s information for future promoting is extremely rewarding. Use SoundCloud’s marketing tools when syncing with them using their exposure, this is very helpful. Always grow on social media as well like instagram or YouTube. The Instagram live feature will get interactions and growth.

3) Audiobooks and voice-overs narration:

This is a quick money earner and little equipment is needed. A decent microphone and professional recording and editing software for decent prices could be obtained to start ASAP. Audacity is easy to use and free. This is a fun one out of all in the list. An option is to contact self publishers and offer to do their books. Ad campaigns for companies are in high demand as well. You will want to market your services on Freelancer or Worksome to name a few.

4) Online SaaS business set up:

For coders with proficiency and software engineers, selling software online is easy. SaaS, Software as a Service, is a place customers subscribe to centrally hosted software stored on cloud on a subscription basis. Relying on a functioning product you must thoroughly test for bugs and glitches before launching making your business a lot more credible and word of mouth encouragement downloads. Create a mailing list to reach out to huge targeted customers personally. Mailchimp is great for the organization of emails and create personalized emails to each customer maximizing chances of attraction. Add motivation for customers to share and recommend your services to friends or colleagues for column growth. Do like a discount for referrals or bonuses, anything.

5) Sell stories to newspapers and magazines:

Always looking for content and pay for your embarrassing or scary experience story. Readers Digest look for short true stories less than 100 words for 100$. Bella Magazine pay 1000$ if publish an article about you. Take a Break is 2000$ for chosen stories of love and infidelity. Fill out online form and if selected you’ll do a phone call interview with a journalist. A story of your relating to a niche in particular just contact them and pay you to print your story.

6) Sell your illustrations :

Any creative skill you could sell on like Etsy for passive income. An artist? Sell your designs online. Promote your craft on freelance sites, individual and cooperate clients may commission you for many projects. Large ones or batch work may land you bank. Set up your own site with your one domain once your brand is established. Online shops like Etsy or social media, word of mouth, or paid ads will grow your client base significantly.

7) Web theme & plug-in developer:

Experienced coders who design web themes and developing plugins are lucrative ways to earn online. Companies look for this service because of extra features and add one. Several options are available like producing them to sell or custom ones for individual clients. Limited free versions is an easy way to earn and best way. This will maximize your potential exposure and clients pay for upgrades.

8) Provide virtual tech support:

For their IT equipment many companies need tech support. From the comfort of your own home you could earn offering virtual tech support. Advise on phone or through email and average annual salary is 30k work more earn more, lots more. Establishing long term partnerships with companies is the better option but all types could work fine.

9) PPC campaign management:

Advertising is make or break you thing. Experience in marketing, advertising, or sells can generate huge bucks from home. Companies invest hugely into campaigns often choose to outsource management. PPC or pay per click campaign where advertisers pay every time someone clicks on their ad businesses pay effectively to increase traffic to their sites. Businesses with expensive products see these click payments for traffic and sells as insignificant. Google Ads is the most popular but make sure your a pro by taking online training learning to master online ad management.

10) Remote project manager:

Many companies resort to external project managers to organize, plan, and oversee a project. If experienced in project management this is an online heavyweight money-making option. Organize timescales for projects and have meetings with appropriate suppliers clients and delegate tasks out to team members. Open communication is essential for smooth sailing. Built trusting relations with clients for future projects. There are software programs helping them operate including MS Project, Sharepoint, and Project Server. Industry of significant experience is smart to choose.

11) Translation for money:

Language skills are in high demand alway and everywhere especially in the UK. Translation services cover letters, emails, full documents, books or passports. Charge per word, page or document. This is a hard skill and make sure you have all the proper accreditation for translating in countries of target language.

12) Write CVs and cover letters:

Most people now days are turning to professionals for help constructing impressive CVs and cover letters. Take an online corse before writing these and ask client what kind of job they want. How they want to come across is important and knowledge of what employers look for on them is seriously vital. LinkedIn advertising and paid ads will attract job seekers. Include samples for potentials to view.

13) Creating & sending press releases:

Producing and send press releases as part of companies’ public relations campaign is lucrative online. Many companies use press releases to inform clients of services they offer to increase sales and boost exposure. Handy marketing tool because businesses are willing to pay good for their creation. Establish a few formats once you get a couple clients to make it easy to reformat and reproduce successful press releases for different clients. Start today with just a computer and internet connection.

14) Offer anger management council:

Councilors online cover a massive range of different subject matters from marriage to grief counseling. Try focusing on one subject to really hon your skill. The most popular asked fro is anger management. It is proven tried and true for online council as clients can access progress reports and extra help sheets in between sessions. Many would reject council due to the stigma if they could not stay anonymous and attracts more clients than face to face. Be sure you have the correct accreditation before starting an online practice and can check this on the BACP website.

15) Print 3-D products for money:

3-D printing is becoming a more viable manufacturing method if you have a printer or fancy investing you could monetize your equipment online. Financing the asset is also an option. Treatstock is an online platform to make fast cash with this idea. People used the printer when a prototype, design or product is needed. Here you can advertise your printer and price for client seeking.

16) Landing page specialist:

Creating landing pages is a great way to generate leads and grow brand support and exposure. Most effective for expanding clientele. Some are not as effective as they should so this is where a specialist comes in. Your job is to create an effective landing page to generate leads for clients but most importantly turn prospective customers into customers. This is a great way to make money from home. Website design and ability to create sweet sleek pages with up to date knowledge on best methods for optimization. Most miss the essential reason to have a landing page and that’s to get people acting on what is seen by filling out opt in form or the Call To Action(CTA) button click. Maximize chances of conversion with design and set up greatness.

17) Remote security guard:

Monitor entry and exit points of communal or private buildings like apartment blocks or office space making sure all authorized personnel is entering and leaving. Best of all is you can do it from your home. Becoming popular high tech cameras observe the property and perimeter of a building and work in shifts monitoring cameras and report issues. Despite not physically on property they can quickly sound the alarm and initiate intervention and just effective. All angles and perimeters are observed in one place at one time. It’s safer and is revolutionized.

18) Review music:

If your a music lover and regularly listen to music especially new artists in your spare time then this is a great opportunity to earn money doing what you like and already do for free. Why not grab some extra doe for this enjoyment. Slicethepie is a site paying users to listen to a range of music to leave reviews. Upon signing up you fill in a few questions on what you like and genres you listen to. Right away start listening and earning. Pay varies based on what type and a bonus level review could earn you .09$ a basic one star level review gets less than .01$. When made 10$ withdrawals to PayPal is allowed.

19) Become freelance telemarketer:

If your a master sales pitch slinger and enjoy facing customer role s then you’ll make money here. You call and speak to prospective customers about selling your clients products or services. Know your industry inside and out to be successful. This allows convincing sells pitching and when you find your industry start a list of targeted potential customers oriented in that industry. Directly calling companies is the best client catching tactic as they experience your services first hand. Need a computer and internet connection, head set and landline then your ready to start and make money fast.

20) A university admissions writer:

Online writers were introduced to a new market with increasing numbers of university applicants, you can make money offering to write competitive university admissions applications. Students are easy social media targets and once established a few clients word of mouth will spread your services fast. Cheap, fast, and easy to start up with laptop and internet connection. Good results generate more business and to produce successful applications research the application and admissions process of clients chosen institutions. Understand your client and who you are selling to institutions with attention to detail.

21) Investing:

Invest in short term investments that can make you money online and takes many different forms and most common is stocks and shares. It’s high risk but holds large payouts. Invest time learning the market to recognize signs of when to cash out. It’s all about timing, experience and keeping a sharp eye on market trends. Be careful and never risk more than you can afford to lose. Peer to peer lending is another popular way of making online cash. Lending platforms like Lending Club, Fundrise, Funding Circle, and PeerForm connect businesses and entrepreneurs with investors. Invest small amounts of capital and earn interest for doing so. It removes the risk out of traditional investing and far better interest.

22) Newsletter design:

An electronic document providing information and updates on a company’s activity’s is a newsletter. It is sent to customers, employees, members and subscribers to increase customer engagement. They use them in several different time frame like monthly, weekly or quarterly increasing brand awareness advertise products or inform everyone of upcoming events or services that will be available. Preparedness, training, tips and all types of information may be in one of these. A good design or a couple great templates with the eye appeal to catch your clients targeted reader is essential and easy to start once you have a few under your belt as you could use the templates to crank them out fast for as many clients as you wish to take on. Computer and internet connection is all needed then money ASAP.

23) Play games and get bank:

I know only enough people who don’t okay games online that I can literally count on one hand. Everyone does, some addicted and do it all day long for free. Then why not get a buck for having fun. SwagBucks, InboxDollars, and PointClub are a few sites that host hundreds of games you can play for cash. Paid for trying new games or hitting different levels and minimum withdrawal is from 7$-10$ and a good opportunity to make a decent amount of extra cash. If you have a large social media following you could greatly monetize your game okay by uploading video recordings of your gameplay to YouTube for all to see. PlayTestCloud is a site that allows you to be a game tester before they come out.

24) Sell your videos:

YouTube, Uscreen and Vimeo makes it easier than ever to upload your videos online if you like doing this. Businesses are becoming aware on how lucrative videos are in creating brand awareness and seeking talented creators to produce short videos of advertising for their websites. For YouTube the way to succeed is to attract as many views as possible by producing outstanding content and attracting affiliate brands for sponsorship. YouTube is a monetization tool used to promote their ads at the beginning of your video and give you a portion of ad revenue in return. Upscreen helps you capitalize your skills with their platform to upload and sell your video content. Set custom prices and choose what videos to sell in subscriptions, rental, or one time payment. You can also sell and rent videos online. Getting commissioned by a client to produce a custom video is far more lucrative consider freelancing.

25) Buy and sell second hand books:

Second hand books is one of the most lucrative items you could sell online. With a massive demand beating the bookstores prices. One super large market is students who often look to buy used study material to save money on piles of expensive textbooks. There is no shortage to acquire used books all libraries sell huge collections of books through online auctions and a great way to get large amounts of books of initial stock. Wholesale auctions on ebay, craigslist, even Facebook. Buy wholesale and massively increase markup. WeBuyBooks online is a place to sell or FatBrain snd Abebooks. You could build an online store like eBay even earning a commission per sell of 10%.

26) Rent out your property for filming:

If you own or have access to stunning, creepy, or any type of scenery that would make a great back drop for a film that you could rent out to film makers or photographers? Companies in this industry are always looking for for the perfect location for their newest masterpiece. Renting property often saves time and money and produces higher quality that a stage set. Register at sites like LocationWorks and ShootFactory. Uploading high quality photos of your property including areas like barns, callers, or outhouses. When an agency realizes your property has potential they publish a listing and contract you when an inquiry rolls in. Typically runs 150$ per day and a great passive income potential.

27) Sell in game currency or items:

If your a gamer with ideas of making money while playing games that are popular like Fortnite with 250 million people playing it alone? An aftermarket for rare and limited edition items such as characters, skins, accessories, and weapons for use in many games has opened up. Farming is a term for collecting either in-game currency or items you’ll need to research the games that have the most and will make your the most money. UsFine and Sythe are sites that will help you research and fine your moneymakers. Buy and sell them on GameFlip and MuleFactory and uncertain what you’ll earn doing this but experienced gamers are making 1000$ a month selling Runscape gold alone.

28) Become a writer:

A freelance writer will earn you money from home and is exciting and extremely varied. Produce copy for adverts and marketing campaigns for one-off clients or long term relations with websites and magazines contracts. Create a credible portfolio and use flawless grammar, you’ll need to be able to write in the correct tone for the client and type of project you are producing. If an expert in the content subject you’ll earn more for your content. Advertise services your offering on sites such as PeoplePerHour or Fiverr, or apply for writing roles through A List Apart, Academic Experts and A Pass Education, platforms constantly hiring writers to produce weekly articles. If you have a particular skillet like business plans or legal writing then charge more for your expertise in that field.

29) Find and sell leads to businesses:

Lead Generation Businesses builds brand exposure and curated lists of contact details of potential customers to increase the company’s client base and revenue. They are heavily reliant on lead generation for overall expansion. There are many particular niche businesses in constant need of this service. Choose industry you’ll be focused on based on demand. The industry dictates your strategy like for certain things Facebook is a great generation option. Landing pages are awesome at generating large amounts of leads. Place ads online linking to landing page then ask for customer data in exchange for the product details they interested in. These could be passed of to your clients. Once ads are in place go into fully automated mode with software you can automatically transfer leads to your client.

30) Set up your Shopify store:

A subscription platform that allows you to start and manage an advanced e-commerce store with no experience at all. There are vast add ons that track and organize leads and customers, an app that improves outreach of social media, one finds perfect items to sell in accordance of your niche. The features allow you to add great value to your store and most profitable ways to make online money. You could use the platform to also build awesome e-commerce stores and then sell them for tons of money.

31) Sell your recipes:)

So you cook and collect thousands of recipes? Sell them online. Magazines such as Taste of Home, Cuisine at Home, Cooking Light and EatingWell pay .75$ for everyone added and .70$ per word at EatingWell. Etsy is where you could sell them from 1.99$-25$ per receipt. An ebook could generate big money. Create a brand like a family based book with grandma’s cooking style using secret anecdotes on how the cooking style developed and evolved over the years.

32) Become a mail list broker:

Email lists are extremely lucrative for a broker and highly cherished and sought after and willing to pay big dollars for to use in generating leads and increasing their customer base. Easy and fast startup all needed is computer and internet connection. Landing pages gather data and so many other ways to gather emails. Here is a high dollar profit making idea that is easy enough that a child can do it. In fact my 13 year old brother makes more than his parents do at their day to day jobs per week and he only does this an hour or two a day and maybe 3-5 days a week.

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