The human species is sorta miraculous at survival even though comically our time here is really only a blink of the eye. We as a species are only infants compared to the estimated age of the universe.

At one time in Earths distant past and when it was becoming habitable enough to spawn a single celled organism in some sulfur stained stagnate pool of collected water. It then duplicated or copied itself into two, then the two both into two making four, the four into eight, eight into sixteen, so on and so forth until crazy amounts of time flies by and this evolution leads to you and me.

The Earth suffered catastrophic and almost planet shattering collisions and one in particular created the Earth ad it is today and the moon. It took billions of years to recover transforming from a lava covered red hot, cooling down into a water rich planet with an atmosphere.

The atmosphere allowed this single celled organism to thrive under the suns radiation warming up the planet thanks to the atmosphere and sparking life.

We as a species, however are not at all sure of exactly what all took place or how we evolved, where we came from, or anything about the past for that matter. All we have is educated guesses from experts in coalition with the little actual facts known. It is said that we have been here for around 200,000 years and an ape like creatures remains were also found who stood upright and the closest known relative to humans dubbed Lucy lives about two million years ago and the oldest remains found to date.

It is thought that we were an ape that walked on all for like many do today and eventually due to standing up and walking to reach and gather fruit from trees was the catalyst to our evolution that lead to a two legged species. This caused the toe to move from off to the side of the foot to straight like ours today.

There are many theories and suggestions about the evolution of our brain and central nervous system’s evolutionary time stamp. A myth suggests that we do not use a certain percentage of our brain and that it is just and for what reason is a mystery but in fact it is true that we do not use parts of our brain only meaning that depending on what we are doing is what dictates which parts of the brain you use. Certain things or different things and movement, actions or body parts use different outlets of the brains function. So it’s not that a part is never used it’s that we use all parts but some sections are shut off while playing a video game but if your listening to music that part is shit down and another function is used to hear and interpret the music.

I also think that if there is indeed a section of the brain that never gets used for anything then it must be evolution that is developing that section for a reason but may take a million years of coping itself and improvements, evolution is a slow process, in order to maybe all a sudden one day a child is born with it finished and like a light switch turned of and he has some mental power or something that DNA developed for a certain particular reason to update its version. Perhaps it’s all the electronics, computers, and technology development triggering an evolutionary DNA over ride to begin construction on the section to eventually be able to use mind control to operate computer ran machines or something. Who knows what evolution is doing. It is a proven fact that humans are developing a sour shaped section of bone near the ear and neck due to cell phones from constantly looking down at our devices, evolution is doing something in accordance to this.

We know that from an early 20th century Russian scientist and theorist that our DNA and chromosomal make up or the blueprints of the human species has 44&2 meaning 44 chromosomes and the 2 for two sex’s, man and woman or X and Y. This is due to evolution and in the past we know of 40&2 and 42&2 which are evolutionary advancement changes that were made and we think that there are still a few tribes on Earth like the Aboriginals and perhaps a few in Africa somewhere that still have 42&2 chromosomal make ups and never evolved from the tribe to independent transition that sparked this change. 42&2 people are one with the world and everything he does are things not for himself but for the good of the tribe. If he hunts and gets one bird, he then takes it back and everyone else adds there spoils and it all is prepared and shared equally amongst the whole tribe. They also tend to be a more peaceful and spiritual people. 44&2 are most of us today in society who are not one with the world but one with ourselves. This is a more selfish trait and it’s every man for himself basically. He brings back a bird then it is for him, he eats is.

We tend to be in a consistent state of disharmony meaning quick to fight and more war mongers. Then there is 46&2 which is believed to have began its emergence into evolution in around 1999 and we are past due to actually be transitioning into this sequence. This means that we used 44&2 as a stepping stone to then step into 46&2. This is said to be a way better time in humanity’s existence. This would be a harmonic state meaning the world would stop and look around and say hey listen up, look at what we are doing killing each other over pieces of dirt or for whatever reason, we are constantly crapping all over our Mother Earth who gave us life and instead of preserving her for future generations and taking care of her so that she continues doing the same for us we pollute her, we stripping her of her natural resources, we are warming her up with green house gases, spewing nuclear waist all over her and we are just pathetic parasites sucking her dry and placing price tags on her.

We are an intelligent species right? Why are we seeing all this and yet we keep doing it? What can’t we talk to each other and peacefully compromise in mature discussions and without war to solve differences? Don’t we realize that we are the human species and not the Russians or the Americans!

If extraterrestrials come here and ask us what we call our species we won’t say oh well this is Russia and we are the Russians. We will say this is Earth and we are the human species. When we realize all the things that just don’t work and we fix all the things that is holding our evolution back then we will begin the transition. When we no longer fight wars because we can’t agree or compromise with each other like little kids on the school playground then 46&2 will be in reach. When the human race comes together as one species and one planet, instead of different countries we look at a bigger picture and see it more as different planets or different intelligent species from different planets. When violence is abolished and forbidden and maybe even becoming members of a galactic society.

The shoaling monks are thought to be of the few that already transitioned because of their ability to harness what they call chi. It is said it comes from deep within the core of the body where all their energy through meditation is all gathered and condensed into like a power ball or something where they can then use in an amazing feat like breaking metal plates on their head or bending rebar with their throats, ability to take blows that would kill average fighters and are absolutely impossible to beat in battle. Where do they go during meditation and accumulate this chi? Maybe another dimension and brings it back from there to use in this one? What do they know and what else are they capable of?

Then depending on how long we live as a species depends how far the chromosomal composition make up goes. Or will it have a specific point where we reach the ultimate Nirvana state of mind. Maybe 48&2 and then 50&2? The Russian theorist states that maybe 48&2 will be where we as a galactic civilization member we develop telecommunication and trade our vocal cords in for brain wave communication power and the age of no longer using the mouth. Things perhaps would be super spiritual like and peaceful. Maybe we will be able to develop super powers because there are many that are considered super human in the world already. Then 50&2 would be really far into our future as a species but perhaps eventually we lose our bodies by this time and we are only just brain and central nervous system plugged into an orgasmic and peaceful, beautiful and blissful existence sorta like a matrix where we live inside our own brains and totally unaware and oblivious to the reality that surrounds you. This place is heaven and you live it forever and is the most absolute beautiful way of living where everything is present and like a dream. Who knows what evolution has for us in our future.

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