It just passed 21:32 hours on their team satellite radio and this sniper nest code name Ghost Eagle and spotter Little Feeder have been watching an enemy outpost disguised as a telephone sells store near the outskirts of downtown Baghdad for 74 hours now waiting for any sign of activity.

The report came in two weeks ago from a local for a cash payout and CIA operatives dressed in native clothing with beards and the complete look to go along with it have been observing it since. They fully spoke the language and dialect with perfect accents and all and actually corresponded with one of the workers there to feel them out.

Everything about the suspected enemy meeting place screamed bad intentions. The place was ragged, filthy, never any customers in and out, merchandise on the shelves was dirty, outdated, and looks like decoy material.

Distinct noises were captured with spy technology from across the street that signaled the sounds of weapons and hostel propaganda speeches amongst a cheating audience. With this evidence and everything else in information gathered within the two week time frame it is determined to be a potential death cell for any American troops in the area.

The Seals and their best of the best sniper teams were called in because in particular there is a potential Ace in the hole arrival that must me taken out and expected to arrive at the phone store anytime and their training to set up nest and sit with watchful eyes for their target to show his face. It was suspected to be sooner but they are trained to squat in position for way longer periods of time especially for a top mark target such as this.

This guy is a particularly ruthless and evil man who likes to strap disabled children with bombs to their bodies in a way impossible to remove without detonation. He typically will tell the kid to approach US soldiers and they’ll give you chocolates then detonates the bomb or forces US troops to do what they always dread doing, shoot the child. This is a known and often used tactic of heartless cowards.

Then GE spots the movement of the front doors curtain and as he waits intently and calmly it is violently thrown open from the inside. Four men emerged from inside the store into the streets and one was white bearded but the others were teenage boys, probably Taliban recruits in training. The older gentleman spoke with authority commanding them, according to ground witnesses across the street, to take their watch posts and make sure there are no mistakes or they don’t miss anything.

Americans are moving through the area he continues and if necessary we fight to protest their presence here. A car pulls up almost on a flat and the color of the desert sand as it was caked thick all over the paint and drops off a young man of about 10 years of age.

He was happily waiving at the bearded man whom flared back at him with a cold face then grabbing him by his red jacket collar pulling him down and into the building through the side door that dropped a level like into a basement of some kind.

These types of building construction and of a certain time period were often used today as bunkers because of their reinforcement structure construction style and by far the best of what was to offer. A middle aged man emerged from the grind door with four AK-47 Rifles with bayonets and made a desperate trip to each of the teenagers and handed them each one saying to each to not forget what they learned in training.

The whole scene sent chills down all Americans witnessing backs and everyone knew what was going down. COMS ringed in your the nest with details of an unexpected convoy of US troops following up on a previously fought squeamish between enemy forces out numbering them 10 to one but still wiped them off the map. The convoy was making sure the enemy wasn’t rebuilding its forces in the area due to it being so close to a US camp not far away.

Little did they know it has already begun and this time caught the attention of special forces due to the expected high priority high ranking gorilla style fighter that the US been tracking for nearly two years with not a sign of his existence and starting to question his condition dead or alive. Radio confirmation of the interception of his conversion with another man of presumably high rank in the area.

His voice was confirmed and they discussed reoccupying that area and put together a counter attack on the nearby base camp in retaliation for their easily defeat here and embarrassing him because they were a product of his command and considered a prized group and highly invested in their training. He wanted vengeance but the US was ready, in particularly for him as he was the owner of the jack of hearts on the US command’s list of ranks.

He’s a high valued target and would be a polished notch on GE’s confirmed kill resume belt. He wanted it badly and will give him a record breaking 225 KIA’s in a years time having spent one year and two months without seeing state side. He just refused to go home he is bred for this and refusing to leave until convinced his presence won’t save the lives of any US or innocent lives.

Then the bearded man come back out from his hole and in his left hand a blue toy helicopter and right behind him crying with his hands out was the little boy only in a different and much bulkier jacket. It’s the desert and jackets mean only one thing and as GE caught a glimpse of his face in his scope he realized his fear was confirmed, he was a Down syndrome child and would never see what they had intended for him coming until too late.

He gave the youth the toy and pointed to a nearby crosswalk and stop light road way about six blocks north of their position.

Realizing that was the US troops position but not due for another two hours but miscommunication fails to revile that they were actually way earlier than reported. By the time word comes over COMS the youth was two blocks away from the intersection.

US troops come into view in formation as the youth continued toward their position and was gaining ground now within 200 yards of them and the convoy had no idea because of the angle of the boy in comparison to them.

GE now with heavy beads of sweat rolling into his face from his forehead watching intently and not wanting to have to put down the kid. This would be his first child he ever had to shoot but if it’s the convoy or him in his mind it’s an easy decision but may not be as easy to live with. This is all part of the job, this is what you signed up for, you knew this happens on a daily basis here, gotta do it, just do it!

The spotter gives him all information needed to dope his scope as he commands nervously but in full control. The spotter with tears streaming from his eyes says EG you gotta make your move, you must do this you have no choice either kill the boy or the whole convoy of out men and women go poof.

That kid, from the looks of his jacket, is strapped with enough CV to take out four city blocks. In the middle of him saying bloc….ks he breaths deeply and squeezes sending one down his barrel and the child’s lower left leg was instantly removed from his body as it spins him around twice before hitting the ground and screaming in confusion and in shock. He bled out within 20 seconds from his femoral artery.

It looked like something from an old spaghetti western film only with heart beat gushes.

The blood was everywhere and US troops realized just how close they came to disaster safely moved in to assess the situation and ordinance teams moved in to secure the live bomb causing potential harm to the public and troops.

Then the bearded man mad a mistake letting the top of his head be revealed from behind the wall to the side entrance and GE realized it was him by his hat. He made some adjustments without his spotter realizing what he was doing. He was wanting some payback for being put into that position and having to kill that child. He squeezed one off and instantly seen that tell tell sign of pink mist.

He had just introduced him into the pink mist club meaning seeing a kills blood spray from the impact looking like pink mist. Another confirmed kill in his belt.

The teens were gone by this time running in fear but now his Ace is probably never going to show now but they decided to continue their vigil watch for a little longer and almost a day and a half later at around 02:37 with the desert night air sending chills down their spines they spot lights like that of a vehicle behind the building counter-corner of the phone store.

Highly unusual here and at this time their anxiety reached excitement levels.

Turning the same corner the US troops stopped at days earlier was a fairly new Range Rover, another sign of importance. It pulls up and comes to a stop directly in front the CIA operatives operation post building and three men and a woman carrying an infant, he’s known to have a very young child, get out the vehicle and head straight for the CIA teams front door.

Confusion overcomes their thoughts and ask each other “What The Fuck!?” Gunshots then ring out muffled as they do when shot inside a building and over COMS someone whispering we are in trouble Eagles Nest, we are in trouble! A man stumbling out the front door clearly shot in the stomach and chest in a double-tap fashion and known as a US trained shooter style and realized it was, however, indeed one of the good guys.

With a sigh of grief and looking down away from his scope for a second again looks at the scene as automatic gun fire with the distinctive sound only an AK-47 makes tings out and the other CIA operative emerged from out the building wielding the AK looking for his next target but all was silent.

GE radios to him to give him his report on the situation and answers back he was the only one left alive and that he killed that god damn Ace jack of hearts and he knew it was so because of a known birthmark on his left temple that is hard to miss. It was said according to his cultures beliefs and religious status that the mark signified one who will lead and would be a mortar filling his family with great pride and wealth. But now he was dead and GE radios back, “you some of a bitch he was mine!” With a chuckle says, “you had me scared shitless for a moment I thought you all were taken out, sorry about your partner he was a great man and a hero!”

Hell friend all part of a days work, should seen his head this AK took it clean off at the neck looking like head shots when I used to play Resident Evil on PlayStation back in the day, I almost lost my lunch!” Haha!

Five days later both men were killed in Afghanistan by enemy IEDs roadside in separate situations and in separate towns. His spotter disappeared upon capture to never be seen again. It’s suspected that he was traditionally and ritually buried alive in an unknown place not far away.

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