The truth of the worlds devious silhouettes who slip into the shadows going unnoticed to the great people whom understand that hard work and honesty is the only true way our society should operate and take advantage of the weak or dim witted. These snakes feed on the very life sustaining blood that keeps our civilization well oiled and successful.

Those whom feed and gorge themselves on and help themselves to things rightfully belonging to the deserving who earned it. Greed of these thieves in the night, cutting the throats or the just, always has their bellies fat and extended like a leach bleeding it’s host until it’s greed has no bounds and it bursts committing suicide.

It may go on for a short time before society shines light on their unwanted nature and they then must face their peers in humility, but some have no humility but they do get something worse, a reputation of significance and admiration that they were so used too and now couldn’t dream of living without now destroyed and forced to live with and the knowledge of their importance to the human species and our historical advancements is forever tainted. Now known to the world as the scoundrel they are their name now goes down in history but not for the prestigious fame they did it all for and wanted so badly that they had to go to such extent as to deceive the righteous. If there is anything law abiding citizens hate it is a rotten acorn in a barrel of pecans spoiling and stealing the barrels integrity and of its natural beauty of eye appeal.

There are so many types of deceptions and many different types of people who do rotten acts upon their fellow man for selfish reasons. I mentioned before the ones who pursue credentials they didn’t earn and in return have the power to destroy others, for example, fraud college professors.

Would you like a man who created his entire resume out of no actual facts and obtained fake degrees probably paid for instead of earned teaching your children? These are your family names future generations at stake and someone with no qualifications teaching them things they know nothing about could mean the difference between their success in life or not.

Another example is a professor, so called expert, government, or others we like to thing we can depend on and have our best intentions in mind sweeping facts under the rug or lying about things that we as a society should know about and have every right to know about and keeping things deceptively secret from us.

Our own government, the USA government, holds things from us all too often and most times for their or selfish reasons. They say some things are better left unsaid for the health of the population or so that we don’t create panic in the streets but we as a society are equipped with the very instinctive skills to face anything they think we can not handle.

Such as the CORONA Virus which a lot of entities and people were certainly ready for murder in the streets, panic, and martial law having to be deployed but we all care together as a society and helped one another out instead of letting fear take over creating chaos.

Yes there were looting and all that good stuff but that’s the worst of society looking for reasons to break the law and that’s when criminals show who they really are straying from the comfort of their shadows. This is inevitable in pretty much any situation whether it’s plague, war, natural catastrophic events, or whatever, this will always happen but it always fizzles out because the just always overcome the clusters of criminals. We have enough and get tired of the fear imposed upon us created out of sheer greed and we deploy enforcements to shut it down to get back to normalcy again.

Here for the hurricanes we see this all the time but mostly in times of tragedy, when you are certain only chaos could come from it, society surprises itself and people become compassionate and understanding. Everyone does their part or as much as possible to help one another in any way possible coming together for rescues or for those who loss everything. These are times that the human species really show what we are capable of. Yes we are war mongers and have very violent tendencies, we commit crimes against each other and talk shit behind one another’s backs with mean intentions.

Admit it we are ass holes at its finest but when it counts we always tend to gravitate towards what’s best for everyone instead of trying to tear each other down over minuscule bull crap.

Humanity can be evil, can be cruel, can be very unrelentingly stubborn when it comes to beliefs or religion but like with the holocaust and all the horrid, despicable things that took place one country seen this and went in at their own risk willingly to rescue and help the ones who were obviously being wronged. I could never see how a society could justify this stuff and as a country. It was so obviously wrong and despicable, so very unacceptable and animalistic treating fellow human beings in such an unimaginable way. I will never understand this but at least someone seen the Nazis evil ways and went in to destroy them before they tainted and polluted to entire world with their unforgivable actions upon mankind itself. Then we have police who are crooked and are above the law and better than everyone else in their communities.

They resort to their natural deceptive criminal ways to rob and rape victimizing the very people they are supposed to protect for their own gain. Whether they want to build a reputation and do it the wrong way quickly or deceptively or they are not content with their salary and want riches in life and all the best life has to offer but can’t legally acquire it so they steal or do whatever as leaches upon society to get what they want. They feel entitled to your stuff.

Some pin crimes they committed on innocent people so they go to jail and not them, or in my case recently trump up all these charges and making a a mountain out of an ant hill. Why did he do this I don’t know I guess just to be a jackass out of jealousy maybe but more so to boost his own ego and status as an officer. He things that getting and arresting people for major crimes increases his reputation status but in the end these kinds of officers always get got.

He will drop his deception veil one day accidentally and his true colors light will shine for all to see just exactly who they had supposedly protecting them and just how easily they could have landed in my shoes. I was wrong and committed a small crime but not 10 felonies, I’m embellishing a little, but, like he said. I committed a traffic offense landing in the ditch avoiding a cat and then I ended up because of him with two felonies and another possible 10 other charges with other possible felonies. I was thrown in jail without my medications that I could seize without and mental health medications for five days suicidal and paranoid with no change of cloths. Never in trouble in my life and a hard working tax paying disabled combat veteran who stays home mostly and nods my own business. Then a 328$ fine five days jail 500$ bail court in November with unknown consequences then as well.

Is that how a disabled veteran is supposed to be treated in this country? I fought for his right to be a cop and he was like my best friend days before then turned on me.

If your wondering this is in Morse Louisiana. Louisiana is notorious for having the nation’s most crooked political, law enforcement, government, number one in the rank.

Our own government hides almost everything from its own people. They lie, steal, cheat, murder, and god knows what else in their best interest and greed. We have a national crisis going in with children hungry and families homeless because of mandatory governmental quarantine making it impossible to work and pay for daily needs to survive then they only hand out one stimulus payment promising more but instead soaking it all into stocks and bonds, stuffing their pockets leaving the people tired, broke, and hungry while they take month long vacations playing gold with salaries of 100’s of thousands of dollars. Instead of giving yo the people to sink into the economy boosting it for the better and prevent possible depression scale deviation who need it it goes to the already wealthy, big businesses crying false tears, and those who definitely do not need it. Then how is it that the greatest country on the planet to ever roam the planet not be prepared for such a foreseeable and predictable event such as COVID? We are the most wealthy and most hard working countries with some of the best education entities in the world producing the smartest people in the world who said it want not a question of if but when this would happen and we were caught with our pants down. We ran out of supply’s, ventilators, cleaning supplies, personal and much more that crippled our infrastructure to the point of near panic.

But now, after all this and after the government showing us exactly how much they really care for their own people and only looking out for themselves was this an actual real event on the scale of which all media said it was? Nope I don’t believe so, this was all a ploy for reasons we will probably never fully understand as for reasons why the government would want to orchestrate this then blow it up to be 10 times worst than all actuality. CNN and MSNBC along with all their counterparts and peer channels seen dollar signs and ratings with this one and they are all in on it with the government’s of the world. All of them are on the governments pay role and probably forced to report these creative fictitious stories created by an imaginative talented writer at gun point. Everyone know if the government says to do something you say how high or you die.

In comparison to past diseases and plagues like the Spanish Flu of 1918 or the Black Death in mid-evil times, small pox in recent times or Ebola, this little CORONA VIRUS was only just a baby virus killing far less than of those in the past. This is known to science and to evolutionary revolutions of time as Natural Selection. This is deployed by Mother Nature herself when she starts to become overloaded with any one type of biological life constricting her and choking her, depleting her natural resources and basically killing her. This is her way of fighting back against us, her parasitic, dirty, disgusting, actual planetary disease. We are Earths cancer slowly killing her and cutting off her blood supply and if we continue to exist here upon her and doing what we do to her we will kill her and then what do we do and where do we go. The government, again the bad guy, and all for power, greed, wealth burn, rape, and pillage her constantly without a care in the word about their own children and their future. It is then whim has to live here after they strip her of all the luxuries we enjoy leaving them with nothing and hardship.

War, oil spills, pollution, nuclear waste and spills from dangerous facilities, green house gas, depletion of resources, sinkholes, oil sucked out and chemicals pumped in, red tide and so much more devastatingly horrible acts of senseless things we do all on the name of greed.

We were always attempting to get our hands on Saudi Arabia’s crude oil reserves as it is the largest by far in the world to power society and our war machine. We couldn’t do so because they saw right through the sheep skin to see our wolfs fangs underneath and said no so we deployed a cruel and disgusting act upon our own people, 911, in order to say okay well they did this terror to us so now we have the right to go get revenge and rid the world of this evil called Saddam Hussain and the unholy Taliban. This was a smokescreen yo take the controllers of the oil out of power first then therefore, just walk right in through their front door and gain control over the supply in turn giving the US the powers and wealth that it yields. You have the oil, you have the power. So the time it wasn’t the holy people who plotted and carried out the day that went down in infamy and worst terrorist attack on home soil. This was all done and compliments of the US government and the ones called the black government in a ploy to take out all the pinnacle and major chess pieces of the US government in order to take control and also creating a reason for the population to want to follow them into a war no one wanted to begin with. These chess pieces are the twin towers or the World Trade Center and the backbone of the country’s financial system that governs all matters of national finance through Wall Street, congress which was due to be full to the brim with all law makers that day, military defense and the odd shaped building called the pentagon, and one a major power grid station which wasn’t hit due to the plane having to be ditched for unknown reasons. These planes were border by innocent civilians going about their lives, boarded for fight, while in the air the plane was overcome by an alcohol gas system nearly no one knows exists on all airlines secretly for in case it’s needed in a terrorized take over or hostage situations board or any reason for having to knock everyone out onboard instantly when deployed including pilots and then remotely taken over and controlled from the ground and landed for safety reasons. This is a much similar thing to a drone system, unmanned operations. This has the same distinct hallmark signs to what happened to the plane lost out to sea a few years back that was last seen leaving Malaysia. These planes were taken into the air then replaced with drones in order to carry out their beastly deeds. The actual planes were flown to an undisclosed military instillation somewhere not on the map and destroyed, passengers and planes. The drone replacement planes also were not smooth bellied like they all supposed to be and are there are tubular or missile like objects that can be seen in the footages of them hitting the towers like they are strapped with extra explosive materials to ensure a successful takedown of the building in turn ensuring zero evidence of the drones for investors with complete destruction of them. Those buildings were built and capable of sustaining category 5 hurricane force winds and structurally, accordingly engineers and experts, considered to be impossible to be taken down by these mere airplanes with jet fuel. There was more to this situation, must have been an inside job of placing explosive materials near their structural strong points and laced with explosives all over inside in combination with the planes hitting them in order to take down not only one but three buildings and the third without a plane hitting it. How did it fall?

Our society really need to wake up and realize what deceptions are being played upon us stabbing us in the back. This is just one of thousands situations and acts of malicious violence or wrongful act perpetrated upon the people by their own government, the very ones whom are supposed to have our backs and protect us and all for the cause of the almighty dollar bill. Human life means noting when it stands in the way of the governments greed.

We must love and embrace our mother for her warmth and giving nature as she gave us life, but, as she gave it she can also take it all away! We need to stop our destructive ways and stop taking, perhaps give back for a change and let her breath and live her life peacefully without raping and pillaging her as we put price tags on her and call her mine. We are ultimately hers, she created us, she will take us out.

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