I must say, we as human beings really have our concedes heads up our asses if we believe for one second that everything these joker teachers and professors, textbooks and manuscripts teach us about history, our history as a species in particular. As I said in a previous blog there is a world wide and governmental, institutional and historians massive intentional coverup going in and for what reason?

Why are they deliberately and systematically sweeping facts and historical finds of mega proportions under the rug? We all as a civilization want and strive for the truth and there is so many things we don’t know and want to know about. Are our officials hiding information from us out of their own personal fear of civil unrest thinking that we can not handle the truth.

In fact, we could handle a lot and deserve the truth and knowledge just as much as anyone else of the things that have us lost spiritually and physically.

Where did we come from? Are there other intelligent beings out there and have they been here to visit us?

Has there been other ancient society’s with technological advancements exceeding ours today?

So many questions, more so than answers and I have a sneaky suspicion that we aren’t being told everything and that is wrong, we deserve the truth.

This is literally holding educational and scientific advancements and knowledge back from the ones who could use it to piece the puzzle of us back together again and not be a species with amnesia anymore.

We went to school and learned a fist full of lies and we send our children to school and pay a fortune for them to teach lies and untruths holding back the actual way things happened and worked.

We are making discoveries everyday of advanced technology evidence and technological impossibilities that should not exist but yet they do. What is there out there that is not made known to the public yet if there are findings of a 2000 year old computer at the bottom of the ocean called Antikythera Mechanism with the impossibility of this ever even being thought of much less produced back then. It is thought to be a sea faring instrument used to navigate in several different ways such as the stars or coordinates.

There are places that are truly dumbfounding and mind blowing yet just as mysterious on this planet as well that have many experts scratching their heads and not wanting to touch them with any kind of explanations from fear they will forever be known as that guy with the ridiculous theories if one day found to be wrong.

Sacred Aztecan pyramid still reign supreme in architectural design over today’s modern structures.

We must not be scared of our own selves. Speak your thoughts my friends even if your ideas are far out there in left field. If you have the courage and the guts to say what you feel and speak what you see and how it fits together for you then you already won. Don’t let others dictate your ability of free thought and freedoms of expressing your thoughts. How many out there in history deprived our society of their ideas and thoughts that could have led to or even solved problems that we haven’t solved yet to this day? Fear of being named a heretic prevented many inventions and breakthroughs I’m sure which is why some felt the need to put it down on paper secretly for future generations in cryptic languages for us to decipher. This reason being so that authorities, if by chance come across the manuscripts, couldn’t know what was actually implied onto them. But I’m sure there were many who would never have dared to do such a risky endeavor, perhaps the cure for cancer was invented in the mid-evil days and lost to time due to fear and from never speaking of it. Never hide in the darkness that is where all those jealous ones who can’t compete with your mind set and thoughts want to keep you because your light bulb is brighter and outshines theirs so with yours buried their dim witted bulb gets noticed and in turn your would be greatly appreciated idea is left doing no good for anyone. The power of our mind is our greatest weapon against evil, to prevail and prosper, so never let anyone snuff your bulb out and speak your mind. Who cares what joe blow thinks about what you have to say. Who cares if it is so crazy it’s seems almost fictitious because you could, if proven wrong, write an award winning fiction novel with the genius that is you.

Anyway, such as Puma Punku, the ancient Andean site in Bolivia or Manchu Picchu in Peru and only a hop, skip, and a jump across the border. What about lake Titticca which lies steps away from them and the deepest lake at that altitude on Earth. All mysterious places in one geographical area on the planet with no evidence of who created them, left no artifacts behind, pottery or bone, landfill or burn piles.

One is a mountain, Machu Picchu, that had its peak cut clean off and intricate steps all over carved from the actual mountain bedrock and all one big stone. This is a massive endeavor especially for the Bronze Age!? It’s altitude is where most people faint or die without oxygen masks becoming short winded easily sometimes just taking a few steps and one must rest. This was all done and lumber brought in from miles away because it is way above Earths natural tree line pass the point where trees never from due to the lack of oxygen.

How did they harvest bedrock and lumber logs then take them up a steal mountain side miles up?

How did they remove a whole mountain top peak of many thousands metric tons of material and mostly bedrock to build this place?

How was there a civilization there and leave no trace of debris or evidence of who they could of been because all civilizations leave traces behind like cemetery’s, landfills, or tools?

Then the other, Puma Punccu, is even more mysterious than is counterpart across the border! This place is comprised of massive H-shaped red bedrock stones, one of the Earths hardest materials, that was stacked up fitting perfectly together to create the citadel structure.

These blocks were cut and manufactured like off an assembly line and cut with micro perfection. The angles and groves, the 90 degree cuts and flat surfaces is like they were machine tooled with laser tools to the point that when together one could not slip a piece of paper in between them and all without mortar. They were also designed to be able to sustain magnitude 10 plus earthquakes with an earthquake technology with highly sophisticated design.

These blocks, one weighing 100K tons plus were quarried and hauled them huge distances, almost unheard of for the times, to their resting places. Then they cut with precision, an almost otherworldly accomplishment, to fit with angles, groves, and many features like a perfect drill hole at an angle, that engineers and experts today can barely do taking a long time. Drill press technology and guided bits are obviously visible amongst the ruins and obviously operated using machinery and there is no denying this. This would have taken centuries so there had to have been a technology that we don’t know of that allowed them to cut bedrock that takes modern science diamond to cut at a slow pace. They studied the surfaces of the cuts and reviled that they were marks unknown to us today to have been made by any tool known. Most were almost as if laser technology was indeed used leaving a smooth glassy finish as if the actual sand in the rock was melted in the cutting process. This is an impossibility even for today and leaves the experts with their jaws glued to the floor.

Whoever went through all this pain staking and wonderful achievement of constructing this place for some reason seemed to have left and in a hurry. Whatever was here that these blocks were guarding or housing must have been of major importance to build such an impressive site for its purpose. What was it used for? What did it house? Why was it destroyed into ruins before it was abandoned? What technology could knock down such a sturdy complex that a magnitude 10 plus earthquake couldn’t budge? Why was it destroyed after so much time and effort? What is it’s importance and significance and what role has it played in ancient society? We will probably never know the questions to these answers but whatever it was it was certainly otherworldly I am sure.

There is even a still standing bath with fountains with the faces of every color and type of man carved in stone, there must me 100 of them and amongst them are some almond shaped head and black eyes with small holes where a nose goes and resembles that of what we call grays today. They aren’t human and that is a certainty.

Then there is the Aztec people of central Mexico who disappeared of the face of the map without a trace or any other cultures near noticing and this is impossible due to the fact that their cities were super huge with populations larger than most in Earth at that time. Someone would have noticed an entire city of people with their own written and complex language, advanced mathematics skills, a calendar so advanced and accurate that it is far better than ours in modern times, architecture that rivaled the Egyptians and any other to date, far expanse knowledge of the heavens even knowing about planets we can’t see with the naked eye and without telescopes, advanced knowledge of the summer and winter solstice using this in accordance with planting and harvesting, and just plain advanced in so many ways it’s unimaginable. Their calendar was so far advanced that they developed it 500 years into the future and far after their disappearance from existence. It was thought that it’s actual end which was on December, 12 2012 was going to be the apocalypse but it was like I thought, it was just where they stopped when it before they left.

There is a depiction in stone original to them that shows a man in a craft or machine like thing sitting pointed up at the sky and has a helmet of some sort on with tubes coming from it and into a tank behind him like a breathing apparatus. His feet and hands are all controlling something with levers like shifters and seems too much like an ancient astronaut like thing happening for it to be anything else.

It’s crazy that they would rely on human sacrifice to insure good luck over drought and harvest season amongst other things with their intelligence.

They have, even, a depiction of a dinosaurian one of their pyramids with its flesh and scales as if they seen these alive them when believed to have been long extinct before their rein. It is said in their culture and campfire stories were tells of the star god from the Orion constellation region of the sky that punished them and banished them here on Earth for their crimes but with a promise that one day they’d return to get them to take them back to their home planet where it was far more comfortable and suitable for their bodies. Compared to Earth it was heavenly. For them to disappear into thin air did they return?

Not far away in a cave was found a skull and because of its odd and unique appearance and genealogical structure it was dubbed the Star Child. Initially though to be that of a disfigured child discarded in a cave and left to die because of deformities and a typical practice for those days, it was soon with science technology and in depth studies of its DNA and anatomy found to be not so and seemingly not of this world that we know of. It reviled through carbon data testing that it had no DNA and its cranium had no typical humanly sutures like you’d see and we all have from the plates being separated in the womb allowing the skull to be playable for easier birthing. This all seems to dictate, with its gray alien features, that it is indeed an anomaly from another planet.

The Egyptian civilization has many interesting facts and theories in is mysterious background that leads us now to believe that the Egyptian people aren’t even the ones who actually built the pyramids. They were a notoriously selfish and ruthless cut throat civilization ruled by Dynasty Pharaoh royalty who were almost always products of lust and incest spanning many reigns. They had a bad habit of destroying and attempting to erase everything left behind by their predecessors in order to try insuring that they were known as the first Pharaoh to rule therefore the founding father and greatest who ever lived so it goes without reason that I do believe they indeed stumbled upon the pyramids and Sphinx. They declared this place of Giza as the home of the gods and settled it and in turn declaring it as their own and every pharaoh thereafter took claim to its construction. This is proven by irrigation water marks along the bottom of the Sphinx where many years of water had to have been present to create these carving erosion marks into the sandstone used to construct it. This is supposed have happened in the most arid and dry desert that sees 0% rain annually? The fact is that around 10,000 years ago and way before the Egyptians were ever on the scene this area of the Earth was a tropical oasis that dried up and becoming the total opposite. So, that being said, the Egyptians couldn’t have had been responsible for, well, the Sphinx at least. The pyramids are the exact same as a nuclear facility if put side by side finder by Nikola Tesla and is said to be actual ancient decommissioned nuclear reactor power plants. It’s said they and other structures around the planet show actual evidence and left over material that this is fact. What was a nuclear reactor used for way back then? They are filled with small passageways no human could fit in and extended outward to the sky from the burial chamber or nuclear reactor core chamber as if power would be feeding something above the pyramid? Like a ship maybe? And these pyramids are all over the planet all aligned in a geographical grid in perfect formations like they would have all come on line together creating sustainable and environmentally friendly world wide power. The pyramids are snaked with tunnels and passageways that no way light could travel from outside in, especially the deeper you go. The air wasn’t stable enough with the proper oxygen to keep a flame torch lit and there is zero evidence of soot anywhere in any of them on any ceiling. There is, however, a hieroglyph on a wall inside the pyramids that shows distinctly a lightbulb with power sources nearby. With all the pottery littering the site of the pyramids suggests that they were used for Baghdad battery’s in order to light up the way and allow the workers to write on the walls. There was found a golden ancient airplane as well far before believed to have existed even such an idea and a real live exact model was made and proven to be extremely aerodynamic and flies perfectly. These are just a few of weird things found there.

Why are human a species with amnesia? We know not of where we came from or our actual evolution. Noting makes since when it comes to that we are descendants of apes and we only been around for maybe 200K years. Our anatomy in comparison and the evolution of our bodies going from ape to man is just to me absurd. Yes we are an ape like species and in that same family but there are many different kinds of apes and monkeys with some extinct and some not.

To say we come from a Lucy like creature I’d say maybe closely related like the Neanderthal or Cromagnum Man. They are extremely similar to us but they not us we are a totally separate branch of the same family ape tree. Besides, there is no way we evolved to become who we are in the time span it is said to be.

We are an extremely complex and unique living creature and it takes, in my opinion, way, way longer to evolve to what we have become and are today. Two hundred thousand years, on a cosmic and evolutionary time scale, is a stones skip away and therefore an impossible time frame for evolution to work this kind of magic.

Either we are way older than we realize as a species and being the brightest of all the other Neanderthals we developed better ways of doing things, tools, harvesting food, all things survival where all the rest become statistics and a mere almost forgotten memory of the past. Or, we come from another planet or place and I believe it’s possible we were found by beings whom descended down upon Earth from the stars and they realized we were a possible great fit for their envisioned perfect slave race.

They took a product of Mother Natures slow evolutionary time frame, or drooling cave dwellers who ate lice of each other, and meddled with our DNA making it stronger, more prone to disease, smarter, more adaptable, able to take and follow orders without question because they kept us just dumb enough that we don’t realize they weren’t actually gods and stop doing their bidding.

As in all cultures we always been fascinated with gold and this is a commodity used in electronics and for electrical components amongst other very useful reasons an ancient alien species would go through the trouble to modify us for slavery to work mining the gold for them. They took care of us and kept us fit and healthy for service and kept us happy and in return we were thrilled to do the gods bidding. Until this day we still cherish and value gold because they showed us its beauty and value. That’s why the Egyptians used it to adorn royalty and the dead with it in huge amounts.

There are much speculation about the elongated heads found all over the planet being actual evidence of another species of humanoid beings from Earth with larger anatomy features, thicker bones, and different things that just don’t fit as human. There did practice head binding in many cultures of the world and is found where these skulls are typically going suggesting that the people were imitating the ones they believed to be gods and rulers in order for their children to be more godlike and this you can see in the actual binding and settling of the bones. They aren’t the same and the other beings heads were longer and shaken in a natural shape setting where the human ones were obviously products of binding and bare the growth calcium deposits that set in as the bones fused in an unnatural position.

The bones of the ancient gods of deceptive helpfulness.

It is said that the Egyptian Pharaohs had elongated heads with webbed fingers and toes, pear shaped bodies and short and fat like. Which is typically a product of incest however, that’s many defects. This is also the case in many other cultures amongst their rulers and royalty even to this day supposedly and hidden with crowns and royalty attire. It is said this is the reason for the popes hats he wears and traditional stems from this reason.

I am unsure what to believe but I do believe we are not alone. I have never personally witnessed anything in life but I can honestly say that I believe with a 99.9% certainty that we are not alone, we have been and continue to be visited, we were quite possibly a higher technologically advanced society at one time and a catastrophic even of mega proportions happened here on Earth in between the times of the Egyptians and the 10K ago year marker decimating Earths population and causing our species to barely survive but with amnesia. There is more to our story than they say or try teaching us accordingly to their educated guessing and facts as they see it because they have a piece of worthless paper that a school says makes them smarter than all others.

Sure beat living in caves without the wheel, infested with live and bopping our women in the head with a club to get them to mate. Then one day they up and left for whatever reason leaving us on our own but intelligent enough to fend for ourselves after showing us the way of doing things. They did us a favor really insuring our survival in an unlikely time in our evolution to come out the other side alive as a species. I mean look at the other numbskulls.

Maybe they brought us here for that reason. Perhaps this is why a lot of us never feel at home here on Earth like we are longing for a long loss something.

Perhaps that is why we are the only species on the planet whom has to suffer with back and joint problems as if the gravity is too much here for our anatomy which was developed and evolved on a planet with less gravity. We are also the only ones that have hard birthing problems even killing the mother often times in the old days plus most creatures here hit the ground running when they born but we have to nurture and raise, show and teach our young everything and takes 18 years to fully develop into a true responsible and capable person. Could it be we are not made for this world?

~Jude Richard~

~AKA Piers Grey~

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