Hello one and all! I would like to present and share my book in which I excitedly published for you great people of the work back in August of 2019. It is called UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION by piers Grey, my pen name, and I am happy to give you all here a small taste of its content. Our universe is full of wonder, mystery, the unknown, the things we could never fathom or know or understand with our small minuscule minds. This universe is way to huge to be able to fully understand even if our specie lives 100 billion years. Our universe is a dangerous and violent place and we are lucky to live in a fairly rare and docile place within its folds. But for how long will it last and will we be able to be “PLANET JUMPERS” as I discuss in the book why I think we actually are not originally from here and have in the remote past jumped from planet to planet only to somehow or someway become a species with amnesia and that known part of our history was erased. The universe is constantly consuming itself. Everywhere we look out into its vastness we find that constantly one thing or another is being destroyed, eaten by other entities, or being reborn only to one day perish again and it is a thing that appears to consistently and constantly happens everyday. The question is when is it out turn and can we escape to continue our humanly voyage through this vast void of death and destruction. Everything we know of is a cycle and is and will be recycled in an infinite and forever endeavor. Imagine what that means, to be eternal, to be infinite. Always was and always will. I discuss how this is and maybe, my theories on how it all works and how the universe itself is only just the biggest cycle there is and how it never ends.

I would hope and be excited if you would read the sample and then decide for yourself if you would be further interested to explore what is, what could be, and what might be amongst our vast vacuum of a void we live in called the universe.

It is fundamentally important to continuously challenge you mind and further expand and push it into a greater enlightenment. To constantly challenge your mind into thinking outside the box and accept the mystery of the possibility that things exist that some of us never think about and thinking of things that you never one would of until, perhaps, you read my book and many more to come.

I hope that you’ll give it and me a chance, come up with your own idea and theories concerning these ideas and thoughts about our history, the unknown, and the theories of what we don’t know. The possibilities of what may have happen and if, and I know some will and that’s fine, you have your own disagreements.

I would love for you to please share your definitive judgment and/or constructive feedback by going to Amazon, look up UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION by Piers Grey, read the whole book to get the full understanding and concept of the writings, enjoy it, and then intelligently, honestly and throughly review it for your mental consumption. I would greatly love it and be respectfully thrilled to have your negative or positive feedback of the outcome.

I am further working on these concepts and subject matters to extend UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION into a series as I have much much more to come plus many other books as well including some books of poetry and rhymes, cool bolds, biography of my life and a disabled combat veteran and more, and more so please follow me and my writing career. I hope that all of you do as I have so much more to offer and couldn’t thank you more to have your full support so that I may continue doing so. I hope you enjoy the free gift I have for your reading enjoyment here today, accept my invite to an honest and only honest review, and I am able to gain your love and support for my love and support in writing.

Also, before I leave you to your reading enjoyment of UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION, whoever reads it in if full version on Kindle, which is available on all devices, and reviews it whether it’s a negative or positive as long as it is an honest one, will be entered into a drawing to pull 10 lucky names to receive a full copy of my book UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION printed in hardcover and signed my myself personally free of charge and free of shipping cost. I will also have a free full copy on ebook of my next and upcoming book for those who read and review it as well when it comes out. Thank you and I so hope you enjoy it and that I have you and your mind thinking outside the box and in ways you never once have before. ~Jude~ A.K.A. Piers Grey.

One thought on “SAMPLE OF MY BOOK UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION by ~Jude~A.K.A. Piers Grey

  1. You don’t know what you’ll be missing out on, a potential breakthrough within yourself perhaps, a new viewpoint in life for the better maybe, or even a better understanding of what is real, could be real, or possibilities you never once conceived that changes your whole outlook on the reasons of life. Whatever that maybe it’ll at least open your mind and have you thinking about everything in ways you never thought possible. That is my goal here to further our minds in understanding the greater picture, inspire creativity in thinking and writing, and not letting thoughts and opinions go unheard and to waste. Imagine all the great minds throughout history who didn’t express their freedom of speech to express their views and opinions or those who couldn’t because of fear of being accused of being a heretic in which was punishable by death. Some out there defied this punishment and avoided persecution by writing theirs into secret cryptic alphabets for future generations because they knew what they possessed was critical and a breakthrough in some way or fashion and couldn’t let it die with their own death. How sad thinking all the ones in history that went to their grave with potential breakthroughs in science, architecture, literature, or things that has the potential to further our species into better ways of doing things or our understanding of things we could have implemented into our daily lives to better our species maybe making life easier. Perhaps we would be much more further along in technology than we are now.


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